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Thai Nguyen Green tea
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Thái Nguyên Green

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Flavor Profile: fresh, umami, sugar snap pea, bold
Production Area: Tân Cương, Thái Nguyên, Việt Nam
Harvest: April 2023

Very excited to be sharing an iconic green tea from the famous Tân Cương district of Thái Nguyên. The Tân Cương community within the Thái Nguyên region arguably produces one of the highest quality green teas in the country.

A popular choice and commonly enjoyed amongst people in Vietnam, within the Vietnamese diaspora and Vietnamese tea drinkers alike. Produced in small batches using traditional handcrafted techniques. A wood-firing process coaxes out the tea's inherent sweetness, while a gentle rolling process gives the tea its signature spiral shape. 

How to Prepare
Amount of Tea
: 3 g / 2 tsp
Volume of Water: ~118 ml / 4 oz
Water Temperature: 175°F / ~96°C
Brewing Time: 40 secs