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Our Story

AYT Anna in Lao Cai Tea Forests

It's Anna here! I am 1st generation Chinese-American and the founder of Anna Ye Tea.

We are a specialty Vietnamese tea company based in Queens, New York– proudly devoted to sourcing and importing premium loose leaf teas from Việt Nam, many of which rarely make it to the global market. We source small batch teas made by producers from different ethnic groups, each reflecting the country's terroir and local making techniques. Our work centers around illuminating the country's teas and vibrant tea heritage, and uplift the overall profile of Vietnamese tea in the U.S. and beyond.

The lack of accessibility and representation of single origin Vietnamese teas globally and domestically lit a fuel in me. There are seriously a lot of delicious teas produced Việt Nam and not enough people know about it! Vietnamese teas have long been under the shadow of larger tea producing regions. I'm ready to change that narrative.

Seeing the value and the important role tea education plays in building cultural appreciation and social connection, I also frequently hosts online and in-person tastings at pop-up events, corporate offices, and festivals.

A Little Backstory Before AYT

Before striking out on my own, I was part of the team at the beloved In Pursuit of Tea for almost 4 years, leading public educational workshops for home drinkers and for hospitality industry professionals in a wholesale capacity. Prior to tea, I was most notably at the popular dessert bar, Chikalicious and two Michelin-starred restaurant, Daniel.

Fast forward to April 2020, the height of the pandemic. I launched an initiative called Virtual Tea Classes for A Good Cause which was a series of virtual tea classes that helped raised over $700 for undocumented workers and the Chinatown elderly community– two communities that are important to me.

Another initiative I started that same year that is really special to me is Beyond The Cup. As an effort to create more inclusive tea spaces, this online series of live interviews and wholesome conversations with tea professionals and enthusiasts was born. Beyond The Cup existed as a means to foster greater understanding for the global story of tea, and to bring more compassion and awareness for tea traditions and practices that as lesser known.