• Welcome Our Newest Tea

  • A wood-fired wild green tea from Tà Xuà

Welcome Our Newest Tea

A wood-fired wild green tea from Tà Xuà Try Our 2023 Misty Highland Green

We are an Asian American and woman-owned specialty Vietnamese tea company based in Queens, NY. We proudly source and import premium, wild and farm grown teas from Việt Nam. Our mission is to introduce people to and celebrate the vibrant heritage of Vietnamese tea.

Guided Tea Tastings

We're also helping teams connect, learn and engage outside of work through tea time.

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What clients are saying

Anna was really responsive and organized before the event, super engaging and knowledgeable during the tasting, and overall just a fantastic human being to work with.

Zhengren Z.

Anna creates an ambiance that is so comfortable for you to gather over tea and it is just a delightful and unique way to build culture and community under the guise of a team event. What a powerhouse of knowledge Anna is when it comes to tea! The teas are excellent and you walk away with new insight every time.

Chef Dalia David

Our staff are notoriously introverted and she created a welcoming space that encouraged learning, connection, and enabled a group of ~60 librarians to relax and chat about tea. It was a lovely event and I highly recommend the experience.

Naomi H. @Harvard University