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Overnight Cold Brew Tea

cold brew red oolong tea

Cold brew your teas if you haven't tried it yet! It's seriously one of the easiest ways to enjoy tea in the summer heat and to get into loose leaf tea.

Check out our go-to recipe below– it works every. single. time. Any tea can be cold brewed but my favorites tend to be super aromatic like the Red Oolong and Wild Silver Tips. This gentle brewing method slowly unlocks all of the yummy qualities already in your tea. The slow extraction tends to bring out more sweetness and less bitterness. win win. 

If you try this recipe or run into any questions, let us know by sending us an email at []. We would love to hear your feedback!

What you’ll need

  • 750ml or 1 Liter Glass Pitcher or Container
  • 8 grams or 3 teaspoons Loose Leaf Tea of your choice
  • Cold Filtered or Room Temperature Water
  • Scale or Measuring Spoon
  • Glass Cup
  • Optional: Ice

Step 1 - Measure
Weigh out 8 grams.

Step 2 - Flash Brew
Pour in hot water, enough to just cover the tea leaves for a flash brew.

Step 3 - Overnight Steep
Steep for 10 seconds then top the rest of the bottle with cold filtered or room temperature water. Cover and give it a gentle swirl or shake. Store in the fridge overnight for ~16 hours.

Step 4 - Decant & Enjoy!
When the tea has finished brewing, shake gently and strain into another pitcher. Set leaves aside for another cold infusion (brew for at least 24 hours). Make sure to keep the brewed tea chilled in fridge, and it will stay fresh for 3-4 days.